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The Krunch Drive is freaking INCREDIBLE!!!

I don't know how you designed the gain staging on that thing so perfectly, but it's fire! - Johnnie Ferro

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A hidden gem!

What a great, and well-implemented piece of gear

Just the tone I was looking for

I can’t rave enough about this pedal, and I’ve tried em all, from $39 to $599!!

How to describe it. It is warmer, smoother and it has more oomph than a tube screamer

It compliments my amplifier instead of giving it a pedal sound

The Krunch Drive is freaking INCREDIBLE!!!  I don’t know how you designed the gain staging on that thig so perfectly, but it’s fire!

Wow! Every different setting creates great tones and harmonics. Super responsive with no latency.

The output is super quiet even directly into my interface unit.

This thing is trying to kick my KOT off of my board. Amazing pedal and amazing value!

This thing is AWESOME! Instantly kicked 3 pedals off my board

AMAZING!!!  Kudos to the pedal maker

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