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Warren Hughes

Warren Hughes

Warren is rockin the Witztronics Krunch Drive while impressing people with his guitar licks and original music. 

You can check out his YouTube channel here: Warren Hughes – YouTube

You can find him on Facebook here:  Warren Hughes | Facebook

Check out his Krunch Drive jam on Facebook: Rockin the Krunch Drive

Johnnie Ferro - Ferrotype Audio Services

Johnnie Ferro is a multi-instrumentalist and producer.  He has over 10 years of studio experience and over 20 years of experience as a performing musician. 

Check out his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Johnnie and Mike showing off the Krunch Drive.

Johnnie Ferro
Chadwick Clay Pryor

Chadwick Clay Pryor - Dark Note Syndicate

Chad is rockin the Witztronics Krunch Drive.  You can check out his YouTube channel here: Dark Note Syndicate

You can find him on Instagram under @chadwick25_guitarassassin.

Check out his Krunch Drive demo on YouTube.

Chris Cicchino - Tenors of Rock

Chris is the guitarist for Tenors of Rock.  Formally played in Rock of Ages and Toxic Avenger. You can find out more on their facebook page.  Check out their website.

Chris Cicchino
Stoney Curtis

Stoney Curtis - The Stoney Curtis Band

Stoney Curtis is currently the guitarist in The Stoney Curtis Band and Count’s 77.

Check out his website The Stoney Curtis Band and his Instagram page for more information.

Charles Lamb - The FTR Project

Charles is currently a guitarist for the FTR Project. The Friends That Rock project includes Phoenix Van Der Weiden, Bartman, Joan Palmer and Glenn Williams. You can find out more here.  Check them out on Spotify.

Bartman - Burning Sunday

Bart Man is currently a guitarist in Burning Sunday and also playing for The FTR Project.

Check out his YouTube channel Coffee and Guitars with Bart Man for some great product reviews

Robert Reynolds - 67 Sun

Robert formally played with the Mavericks and currently is writing music and playing with the group 67 Sun. Checkout their Facebook page and grab their latest CD.  Robert is a really good artist (painter) as well.  Check out his Instagram Page.

Mr "Krunch" himself - Mike Lucero

Mike was a guitarist and heavy in the Hollywood strip and Orange County music scene in throughout the 80’s.  He is now the owner of “Krunch Kabinets” and maker of awesome cabs and amps. They also have a great drive pedal if I do say so myself.

Bearded Mike - HoneySukle MoonShine

Mike is a guitarist with HoneySukle MoonShine.  A band of patriots out of Southern California, that like Rock N Roll, whiskey, woman and the good old red, white and blue.  Check out their Facebook page  or Instagram page.

Eddie Gomez - LOUDLOVE

Eddie is a guitarist for LOUDLOVE a tribute to SOUNDGARDEN and Dark as Death.  Check out their Facebook page

James T - Independent Musician

James is making great music with the OD5201 and a custom made OD3000x

James T

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