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Frequently Asked Questions

Effect Pedal FAQ

The ODx overdrive signal path is completely analog.  Assembled using the highest quality components.  The stomp switch inputs and relays are digital controlled, but they don’t mix with the analog signal.

There is a theory behind the madness and they do have meaning, but we wouldn’t want to give it away.

Although the ODx overdrive pedals are based on the same design, each variation has different selection of clipping options and different frequency band through the drive section.

Because we’re crazy like that.  Actually, we believe the box is being used the way it was intended.  After a careful study, we decided building the pedal with the cover on the top reduces the complexity of the assembly and allows the pedals to be completed and attached to the cover before assembly.  So that means everyone else is doing it wrong :-).

Debugger FAQ

Unfortunately, the JB16 based programmers are no longer supported and the firmware is not being updated.

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