OD3950 Rock Drive Effects Pedal

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The OD3590 Rock Drive with Boost Guitar Effects Pedal is tuned for a strong mid tone sound.  Select one of the two soft clipping options or turn on the hard clipping.  The rolloff frequency gives you that sought after mid-hump and can be Fatten up with the Presence knob.  The OD3590 Rock Drive with Boost Guitar Effects Pedal really covers a wide range of sound and harmonic potential.  From the beloved Tubescreamer* and Boss OD-1* to the Dirty Rat* and Klon* effects pedals. Kick in the hard clipping and tune in sounds similar to the OCD* overdrive effects pedal.

  • Drive + Boost in a single pedal
  • Boost is independent and has Pre / Post control
  • Two Soft Clipping options (SC)
  • One Hard Clipping option (HC)
  • OverDrive Control
  • Presence “Voice” Controls
  • Active tone control
  • Output Volume Control
  • Relay controlled True-bypass
  • Soft stomp switches

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* names may be copyright of their owners and are not related to Witztronics.  Sounds are similar and depend on the gear being used.

Audio Samples:

Softclipping #1, mid-drive

SoftClipping #2, Mid-drive

HardClipping, Min-drive

Rockin’ it

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Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3.7 × 4.7 × 3 in


4 reviews for OD3590

  1. mountmercyguy (verified owner)

    The pedal looks cool. Finish and graphics are nice. Knobs are nice.
    Normally I’m a less is more kind of guy, so the five controls and three switches can be overwhelming, but I like checking out new pedals, especially ones I’m not familiar with. The controls were intuitive and easy to use. Turning knobs and moving switches, every setting sounded good. I can see I will have to spend a little more time to find all the settings that sound best to my ears. Seriously a myriad of overdrive tones. Just turning a knob, even a little bit, or moving a switch, would change the sound.
    Very interactive. I mention this because I’ve had pedals before that had the same amount of controls, switches, some even more, and the sonic changes would be too subtle. Not the case with your pedal. Lastly, I was amazed how the pedal sounded when it went into feedback. So many pedals can feedback, but not in a musical way. The feedback was musical and matched what I was playing with multiple overtones.
    I like it.

  2. Reverb Sales (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing pedal. I bought the OD3590 but would like to try the others as well. I’ve owned so many of overdrives but this one is something special. Doesn’t matter how much gain there is. There’s always note definition. Great builder. Will buy again!

  3. Reverb Sales (verified owner)

    Great sounding pedal. Quality build.

  4. Ebay Sales (verified owner)

    Wow! Every different setting creates great tones and harmonics. Super responsive with no latency. The metal knobs give it a real quality feel. No noise at all. The output is super quiet even directly into my interface unit. Didn’t need to use my noise gate like with other overdrive pedals.

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