OD5201 Overdrive / Boost Pedal

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The OD5201 Overdrive with Boost Guitar Effects Pedal is tuned for those that like driving the output hard with a wide tonal and harmonic output.  We’ve increased the gain and given you a mid-frequency bump.  The presence knob will let you fatten up the sound and “voice” it right where you want it.  You get two soft clipping and one hard clipping option.  The soft clipping options will give you a range of sounds similar to the Tubescreamer*, Big Muff Pi* and Langraff OD* effects pedals.  Hit the hard clipping and bring out sounds similar to the OCD* overdrive.
  • Drive + Boost in a single pedal
  • Boost is independent and has Pre / Post control
  • Two Soft Clipping options (SC)
  • One Hard Clipping option (HC)
  • OverDrive Control
  • Presence “Voice” Controls
  • Active tone control
  • Output Volume Control
  • Relay controlled True-bypass
  • Soft stomp switches
* names may be copyright of their owners and are not related to Witztronics.  Sounds are similar, but depend on the gear being used.

Audio Samples:

Softclipping #1, mid-drive

SoftClipping #2, Mid-drive

HardClipping, Min-drive

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Demo of the OD5201 by “Krunch” himself.

Rockon Mike!

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3.7 × 4.7 × 3 in


1 review for OD5201

  1. jtbranman (verified owner)

    A hidden gem!

    Do you have a cacophonous sound emitting from you guitar speakers? This is the thing to cure your ills. I am joking but it is a spectacular pedal. I have a high gain amp and I wanted to smooth out the sound a little without losing anything. This pedal certainly did that and more. I ran it through the clean channel. How to describe it. It is warmer, smoother and it has more oomph than a tube screamer. It seems to compliment my amplifier instead of giving it a pedal sound. This pedal is heavy but it is not harsh. It gave more crunch to my rhythm sound. It gave more lead to my lead sound. The lead was smooth while being more searing and singing. AMAZING!!! The available controls let you really tweak the sound to your liking. The boost and drive work great together. A wise man told me to run the settings with the boost lower than the drive. He was right. I also ran the pedal through a vintage reissue amp and it sounded amazing. It had more gain but really retained the harmonic content. Again, it worked with the amp as a compliment. Kudos to the pedal maker. If you are thinking about one, get it!!! You will not look back.

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