Welcome to the new Witztronics!

After years of designing products for other companies, we have decided to focus on building our own products.  Starting with creating a family of guitar pedals with options and features not typically found in the market place.

The first series of guitar effect pedals is called the “Deep Fried Squash Blossom”.  Yeah, I know it’s a goofy name, but sounds cool. An overdrive pedal with great new features and sounds.  Multiple soft and hard clipping options, built-in (but also independent) awesome drive circuit.

We have a bunch of new pedal ideas in the pipeline, but shoot us a note if you have something you’re dying to see in the market place.

We have also upgraded our website and moved to a modern theme that better supports various size displays,  including tablets and smartphones.  It also adds functionality not included in our last theme.

Account features have been enhanced to provide more capability for re-ordering, checking order status, shipping to multiple addresses and printing invoices.

You can access all these new features by creating or logging into your account.

While our website has gone through heavy testing, we know issues may still pop up.  If you see any problems, or have any questions, feel free to send us a note at: WTSupport@witztronics.com or use our contact page.